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Ankur Lila established the foundation for the Indian factory.

Indian Factory

The best Indian factory you can find – a partner that reflects your values.

Mr. Ankur Lila’s vision for Indian Factory has blossomed over two decades.

A commitment to Gandhian phrases, to be part of the change he wants to see in the world by exporting soulful décor to Europe, the US, UAE, Australia, and Asia, spreading Indian culture worldwide.

Social responsibility and environmental commitment drive our growth alongside customer satisfaction, empowering impactful projects across India.


Designing Tomorrow

A Commitment to Quality, Efficiency, and Sustainability

We are the leading manufacturers, designers, and exporters of furniture and interior decoration, renowned for our unwavering dedication to the highest standards of quality control, streamlined processes through advanced computerization, and the professionalization of every aspect of our production chain. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond mere excellence, encompassing a profound dedication to social responsibility and environmental sustainability that sets us apart.

Years on market
20 Feet Container capacity per month
Factory area in SQF
Countries that we are shipping
  • More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting.
  • Fully equipped factories at the forefront of technology, equipped with top-quality machinery from Germany, Italy and Taiwan.
  • Computerisation of processesand professionalisation of each step of the production chain.
  • Specific quality controls at each stage of production and shipping. Read More
  • Special focus on online sales(dropping tests, specialised packaging). Read More
  • One of the factories with the lowest rejection rate in this sector.
  • Specialised units in handmade finishing carvingRead More 
  • Production capacity: More than 96*20 feet containers per month.


We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, meticulously designed to deliver products of superior quality at unmatched prices. Our specialized carving and finishing units are staffed by highly skilled craftsmen who painstakingly carve or hand-finish each piece, ensuring the creation of unique designs.

At the forefront of industry trends, our in-house designers collaborate closely with our international customers to continuously innovate and introduce new products. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we achieve unrivalled precision and perfection in our offerings. Utilizing CNC technology, our designers guarantee excellence, meeting the highest standards in craftsmanship.



Types of material

Mango Wood
Acacia Wood
Sheesham / Rose Wood
Old & Recycled Wood
Reclaimed Wood
Teak Wood
Iron & Steel Products
Marble Products

We specialize in working with a variety of premium woods chosen based on their color, hardness, grain patterns, and workability. These woods provide endless design possibilities, and each piece is as unique and beautiful as the wood itself.

Our products adhere to strict compliance standards, ensuring that our varnishes, glues, and other items meet all EU requirements and regulations mandated by different export markets. We are committed to maintaining high quality and compliance standards, which gives our customers peace of mind and confidence in our products.


Responsibility Towards Environment

Much more than your factory

Indian Factory is on a mission, to protect our common home. Every piece that leaves our hands is a testament to our commitment to sustainability
We do not limit ourselves to empty words when we talk about sustainability. We demonstrate our commitment through concrete actions


Indian Factory’s CSR Initiatives

Pillar of Support

We demonstrate our commitment through concrete actions as for example:

  • Boosting employees motivation and Scholarship programme for employees families. Read More
  • Implementation of an education project for underprivileged children in one of the slums of the city. Read More
  • Implementation of a rural school in a remote area of the Rajasthan desert where there was no access to education Read More
  • Women empowerment programs in rural areas.
  • Free medical care for employees. Read More
  • Free medical care for deprived people in one of the slums of the city.
  • Reforestation program. Read More
  • AKSHAYA PATRA: Unlimited food for life. A free mid-day meal program in schools to promote literacy among underprivileged children. Read More
  • Animals shelter with veterinary.