INDIAN FACTORY is a Manufacturer & Exporter of Wooden & Iron furniture as well as handicrafts items since 2003. Our expert team of craftsmen and carpenters manufacture furniture mainly made of Mango, Acacia, Teak, Sheesham and Recycled woods. Wood Carving is our forte.  

Our well developed supplier base is compliant with the wood control system for legality and traceability. This is frequently audited by FSC and VRIKSH making consistent quality supply to our clientele. We pledge our commitment towards solving social and environmental concerns and to make this world sustainable for a better future of the mother earth. To get this verified, we frequently get audited by ICS and SEDEX for social and environmental compliance. We have also contributed back to the environment by planting 10000 plants in the state of Rajasthan and Haryana through Earthworm organisation.


Manufacturing Capacity

Mango Wood

Acacia Wood

Sheesham Wood

Reclaimed Wood

Old Wood

We have a deep respect, understanding and reverence for wood, which is translated into the furniture we build.


This renewable material, with its versatility and aesthetics, emanates a vibe that is both modern and timeless. The natural strength and

tenacity of solid wood make ita durable and value-driven solution for all spaces. We work with Mango, Sheesham, Acacia and Reclaim,

among others, which have been responsibly sourced, Selected by virtue of color, hardness, grain patterns and workability, it offers endless

design possibilities thatare unique and beautiful, just like the wood.


We use a vanety of finishes that add numerous desirable charactenstics io wood and give it an enhanced appearance. We also work with a

range of processes, like staining and gloss, to develop a decorative effect to the furniture places, that make them distinct and attractive. A

choice can be made from a variety of finishes, natural, warm rich, walnut, deep walnut, whitewash, grey, gold, silver, cafe, honey and grey

whitewash, as per individual preference,